How to get a SmartPhone Without the Stupid Data Plan

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Recently, the carriers have realized that voice and text are not nearly as potentially lucrative as data. AT&T and Verizon have recently restructured their data plans and are now offering tiered plans. If you thought keeping track of your monthly minutes was tough, try following KB, MB and GB usage.

Ironically, as these companies raise your cost for data, the actual need to have a data plan diminishes for many. That’s because wifi has exploded worldwide. Even the major cable companies in the US now offer their subscribers Wifi services for FREE. They all offer each others’ subscribers this service too which is handy when travelling.

Now the bad news… It is not possible to activate a SmartPhone with CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon. That’s because these devices do not utilize SIM cards for domestic service. It is also not possible to activate an AT&T or T-Mobile device without a data plan but that does not mean you cannot use a SmartPhone without having a data plan on these networks. I haven’t tried this personally with AT&T but do it regularly with T-Mobile.

We can activate any non smartphone on the T-Mobile network. Once it is active and we make a phone call with the device, we then remove the SIM and pop it into any T-Mobile branded or unlocked GSM Smartphone. Simply use wifi to get your data and there will mever be any monthly data charges. Ask me for details. 



Wifi service has exploded in the last year. In fact, if you are a cable tv subscriber of any of the major national cable companies, here’s some more good news. These companies have all agreed to offer each other’s subscribers access to their wifi networks for FREE.